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[REC] 3: Genesis

Posted : 8 years, 8 months ago on 7 September 2012 04:51 (A review of [Rec] 3: Genesis)

Some Spoilers: “Long live the happy couple!” “[REC] 3: A Beautiful Love Story” might have been an alternative title to this sequel, or prequel? In fact maybe this movie would have been better if they never even included the name "[REC]" since it does not fit in the series very well and has almost nothing to do with the other films. But does that make this a bad film? For fans of the first two very much so.

The movie opens as someone just popped in a DVD of a wedding. This really doesn’t make since later on. First we see a whole slideshow of pictures of the bride and groom and how happy they are. Then we cut to the wedding being video taped by the grooms cousin Adrian. Adrian is filming, and interviewing everyone at the party (when he's not worried about video taping boobs, and disrespectful people, or calling the bride a "M.I.L.F.") We meet the groom Kolodo, and Rafa a ‘cool’ ‘suave’ Hugh Jackman looking character that hangs with his “facial crew“ who seems like the best man and just wants to party and hook up with a French girl. We meet Atun who looks a lot like Kevin Smith and Guillermo Del Toro he is the official camera guy for the wedding. We get our first look at Clara (the bride) through a little girl’s camera? Clara looks very concerned and we don’t get to see why of course as she tells the girl to stop taping. We also meet the Uncle who seems to have a bite on his hand from a dog. Then there is one of my favorite characters the chain smoking children entertainer Sponge John who likes to remind ever one his is not “Spongebob” for copyright reasons of course, and just might be the worst child entertainer they could find.

The Wedding itself is like a big party. A dream wedding if you want flash mob type dancing and singing. Everyone is there to see the happy couple and have one hell of a party. It’s big and it's flashy lots of lights and plenty of drinks and happy people. The couple cuts the cake with a sword of all things. Then we see the Uncle again not looking well at all very distant and sick. When All of the sudden a bunch of cops and people in yellow hazmat suits show up on the outside. But we care more about the dancing, everyone having a great time to worry abut them. Then we see the uncle on a upper level fall of a balcony on a table. The crowd rushes around him, and here we go…

Once the uncle takes the first bite out of a girls neck all hell breaks lose. Random people jump out of no where? Everyone is in a panic people running around killing and dying. I got tired of the shaky camera pretty quick. The action looked good and I just wanted to see it but couldn’t. I was wishing it was a traditional movie. When all of the sudden a group of survivors including the Groom and Autun with the camera run into a room and lock the door. Where they get into a fight about the camera being on and how Autun has the right to film it all so people know what happened. The same fight that is said and done in every footage movie. When something different happens this time, the groom picks up the camera smashes it and then kicks it.... when the title appears.

This is were probably most of the “REC” fans will leave. Cause all of the sudden we have a whole different movie. This is no longer a found footage movie. We have a real film here, and I love that. They show the camera on the ground and the red light dies no more shaky cam! Along with that we get a whole new movie. This movie is more of an action/gore/dark comedy then a lost footage, zombie, horror scare movie. It is now about two lovers finding their way back to each other through all of this chaos and violence. It also turns more towards religion which is were I had my biggest problems.

I really think they had something going here. They had a good idea and it was a good try but it was a slight miss for me and I can imagine for others too. As I said I think it might of worked better with a new title not being part of the series. It is a real fun B movie, but don’t expect a straight scare and jump fest. This is open and lighted. It has features from many different movies, and it’s not quite sure what it wants to be yet. Some comedy a hit and miss, good head bashing, neck bites, running in woods, people banding together with blunt objects and suits of armor? Sponge John with a shotgun and the hot bride with chainsaw, and of course there is night camera scene.

I have only seen [REC] prior to this one. And I really did enjoy it, and that film is totally a different film then this one in almost every way. So be warned if you really like the first two you may not enjoy this.

Spoiler my biggest problem with this movie was that they were no longer zombies or infected. They are now Demons what the fuck. And when you look at them in a mirror you see them as there truly look as demons not zombies.

My two cents - what I think could of made it better. Remove yourself from the series, drop the demon thing stick with infected like 28 Days Later. More gore and sweet kills.

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The most fucked up and disturbing movies ever made (34 movies items)

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